Investment Strategy

Golden Rock Capital’s goal is to create sustainable value creation in its portfolio companies which should exceed the country’s GDP growth by using many of the traditional disciplines of private equity combined with beneficial local partnerships in order to mitigate risks. We believe there are opportunities for well-managed companies to further obtain both additional incremental revenue growth and operational efficiencies with GRC’s involvement to help the investee company secure market-leading positions in their respective countries.

GRC seeks to invest in companies in which we can partner with the founders or family run businesses that want to collaborate with our team so we both can support the next phase of growth towards a positive corporate transformation.

Typically, these companies will be small or medium sized enterprises, and we will seek to add value in a number of areas including operations, strategy, finance, marketing and distribution, among others.

GRC’s has the ability to take either a controlling stake or a significant minority position with a high degree of involvement and protections.

Our approach is seen as a progressive partnership with entrepreneurs and management in which all our mutual interests are aligned with the common goal of growing the value of the business for all the stakeholders. Aligning the interests of all stakeholders involved in the business is core to our investment approach.

Our generalist approach allows GRC to be flexible as to the sectors that we may be focusing on during the different cycles in these countries. We want to partner with companies that are driving the economy in sectors such as consumer products, financial services, manufacturing, tourism, natural resources, infrastructure/logistics as well as agricultural processing.